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Genset & Solar Power Solutions was established in 2008 and registered under Crosspoint Trading 219 (Pty) Ltd.

The Company is primarily involved in the provision of alternative energy supply to Domestic, Commercial and Industrial operations.

Systems are custom-designed to meet the demands and lifestyles of the Client. Many alternatives are available and we pride ourselves on being able to design and install the most appropriate solution to either supplement or replace existing energy supply. These solutions include back-up and primary power, in the form of diesel generators, UPS systems, Photovoltaic Solar Power and wind power.

The Company has established itself in the market over the last ten years by providing superior products, excellent after-sales service and procuring local system elements where possible, but most importantly never compromising on quality.
Systems are designed, installed and maintained by a qualified team who are dedicated to excellence.

The Company is based in Pietermaritzburg, KZN and does work throughout the Province and further afield. We also work hand in hand with our Suppliers in other provinces to roll out PV Solar Power Projects throughout the country.

Our aim and passion is to convert conventional energy users to PV Solar Power and other green alternatives. All consumers, whether really small or really big, contribute to the overall picture and every user of green energy is helping conserve valuable resources. We are proud to be a major contributor to change in this direction.